Friday, June 10, 2011

Coming up!

Now that our season has closed at work (with a great review and a sold-out concert) I can get stuck in to the real business for the summer - lots of doggy activities!

Tomorrow I'll be at the One Tail/ Court Case Dogs booth at Andersonville's Midsommarfest hanging out with adoptable pooches. We'll be on the east side of Clark St between Berwyn and Summerdale. The weather promises to improve by midmorning and I'll be around until 1pm so if you're in the area come and say hi! One Tail will be there the whole weekend so make sure to swing by at some point for some guaranteed furry cuteness.

Since I just can't get enough of those incarcerated canines, I'll be at an event with the court case dogs again on Saturday, June 18th. Weather permitting, we'll all be mingling picnic style out in the backyard at Chicago Animal Care and Control (2741 S. Western Avenue) from 10am - 12noon. Fingers crossed there'll be some happy pooches transferring out of there to rescues. Come out and meet these great pooches and help spread the word. I wrote about the program in an earlier post and if you're interested in getting involved there's another orientation tentatively set for August 14th - email to stay updated.

I'm hoping to get some sun tomorrow afternoon so Bilbo and I can go to the park and take some photos to enter into One Tail's summer photo competition. We've only got until June 14th to get an entry in but we've got our eye on one of those doggy gift baskets or maybe even the grand prize of an ipad2. If you think your pooch can outshine the other contestants, enter quickly! Or just join in the fun by "liking" their page and voting for the people's favorite. An extra bonus of joining is that once they hit 3000 fans there's going to be a merch giveaway, which means a whole lot of Bilbo going round.

Speaking of a whole lot of Bilbo...

His carting harness finally arrived while I was in the UK and tonight was my first chance to try it out. Eventually I managed to turn this

Into this

However, most of the time Bilbo was trying to do this

Or this

Which wasn't entirely helpful. In the end I managed to get the brake rails roughly cut, although the whole thing could do with a bit of trimming and fine tuning and I need to attach some kind of loops to the cart so that I can clip on the traces. However, I think we'll be able to begin practicing pretty soon!

If you haven't guessed, this is one of the mystery projects I started way back. This one had to wait for the harness to arrive and I won't be unveiling part two fully until the landlord has finished renovating the basement and removed all of the junk from the backyard so we can use it again!

All that said, we'll have to see how much time we have on our hands/ paws because there's a new foster pup arriving from a puppy mill on Sunday!


  1. wow, it appears you need a PhD to figure that thing out. can't wait to see pics of and hear about the new foster!

  2. Wow so cool - YAY NEW FOSTER


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