Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting to know Lucy

Well, we've discovered that crating isn't her favorite thing, though luckily she settled down once I turned the door towards my bed and got in so she knew where I was. I think we're going to have a bit of upset when I leave for work soon, but I have a stuffed kong ready to pull from the freezer with yummy yoghurt and chicken in it so hopefully the secret weapon will do the trick!

This morning's walk wore the little lady out as we went for a nice long stroll in the park. She was very brave for the most part and exceedingly tolerant of Bilbo's antics. We posed for some photos by the water

Even though Bilbo kept ruining the shots by barking at the geese she was quite happy to curl up to him and offer back up.

After all that excitement it was time for a nap but she's still wary of just falling straight asleep and spends a while swaying on the spot trying to pretend that she's still awake.

Eventually, it's just too comfortable to resist any longer.


  1. she is absolutely the pic of her trying to stay awake. and she and Billy on the rock together is as sweet as can be...

  2. Her trying to stay awake picture killed me with cuteness!

  3. She is so cute! It looks like they're getting together quite well. Since we've had our dogs so long, I always forget the little things dogs need to know and that there will be an adjustment period.


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