Monday, June 27, 2011

For the win column

With all the sad news coming up this week, I'm so happy that I got to spend my Sunday afternoon with four happy success stories. For all the amazing rescuers out there, working against the odds in so many ways, don't forget this is what you make possible.

Clover: Dumped outside on a porch in Chicago on a freezing New Year's Eve, starving, covered in scratches and faeces. Rescued by her owner.

Billy: Headed straight to death row in a high-kill shelter without the intervention of One Tail who didn't give up until he'd finally found the perfect home.

Buster: An owner surrender who sat in a shelter for three years. Found his forever home on a cold November night when Clover chose him.

Lucy: A timid little lady who lived her life in a cage. Now learning to love everyone she meets. Currently curled up in my lap. Tomorrow making the journey to live with her new dad and beagle brother.

Go cuddle your rescue dog tonight.


  1. I'm cuddling two of my rescue dogs right now! It's great to hear rescue stories with a positive outcome.

  2. Thank you for some much needed perspective.

  3. Yes, this is such a great way to look at it.

  4. The glass is half full...?


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