Saturday, June 4, 2011

When life gives you lemons...

I consider the ubiquity of social media something of a mixed blessing but I've often seen the good that platforms like Facebook can do and it offered up a heartwarming story to brighten my day yesterday. To get the weekend started out right I'll share it with you!

Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus posted a note about a letter they'd received from a little girl who'd had a lemonade stand over the weekend and raised $7.10 to support IDR.  Inspired by her example, within a few hours a dozen of IDR's followers had offered to match her donation and there was an outpouring of encouragement and compliments to the little girl and her parents. Its delightful to see everyone chipping in to help teach this young supporter that good deeds are appreciated and that one person can truly make a difference! You can match her donation here and don't forget to like IDR's facebook page and leave a word of encouragement. They're a great rescue and in addition to their roots as a breed-specific group take in some very heartwrenching cases of all breeds, including many that are very difficult to find rescue for.

In more great news from around the web there was actually some POSITIVE press for pitbulls on a mainstream page today! When signing into my yahoo account I saw an article on the history of pitties as nanny dogs, inspired by this blog entry with vintage photos of pitbulls with children.

I'd like to think that some day I'll look back at this entry to remind myself that it was once a pleasant surprise to see a positive portrayal of pitbulls in the mainstream media. Who knows, maybe we're already turning a corner!


  1. Both those things brightened my day as well! I think we should get some OTAT pitties together and recreate some of those images :)

  2. thanks for this-- you just made me very happy. not sure whether you are up to date on our blog, but we are starting with a new and very challenging foster this week, and man are we exhausted. it's good to read some nice pittie news for once :)


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