Friday, June 3, 2011

Double Rations?

Billy's old vet used to remark on the size of his head every time we went in. I've seen bigger but there's no denying that it's definitely a pretty solid piece of anatomy! As a result he always seems to be on the skinny side in comparison to the other pooches and on our first few vet visits I made a point of asking whether he needed fattening up a bit.

Eventually I got used to his proportions. However, I've been keeping an eye on him since I got back and have come to the conclusion that I'm not being paranoid and he definitely lost some weight while I was gone. I don't believe for a second that he wasn't wolfing down every morsel he could get his paws on as he's not the pining type. So I'm wondering whether it's maybe that when I'm around he gets so much extra chicken and treats when we're training, as well as bonus veggies - sweet potato and carrots are favorites.  Whatever the reason, as he won't be getting much in the way of special snacks this week (yesterday's work day started at 4:30am and I didn't finish up until 12:15am) Billy gets to live the dream for a little while.

What do you say to extra-large dinner Bilbo?


  1. We never really notice changes in our pooches either until we're gone from them for a bit. I'm sure Bilbo is quite happy with the extra rations.

  2. We just found out Havi gained 20 pounds in the past 6 months, we didnt even realize! Bilbo is a lucky man!

  3. He is so cute!

    We have a hard time noticing weight changes in our dogs too. They just happen so slowly it's hard to tell! I know any one of them would LOVE extra rations for a little while :)

  4. Maisie actually lost a little weight over the winter, I was told it was because she used up extra calories trying to stay warm. needless to say I felt like the worst dog mom ever and have since added one freeze-dried Stella and Chewy's patty to each of her two daily 1/2 lb. raw food meals.

  5. Everyone says Bruno has a GIGANTIC head, some have even compared him to the ghost-buster dogs-beast. I think after many months he has gotten bigger and bigger and is growing into it (he even eats Winnie's food sometimes)- not sure when he will stop but I think there is nothing wrong with a big brain-case :)


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