Sunday, June 26, 2011


Some of these are rather belated but I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to mention some of our lovely friends in the blogging community.

To begin with, here's a very tardy photo as promised of the handsome new collar that Bilbo won in Two Pitties in the Cities raffle.

I am so slow getting even this rubbishy shot up that both the pooches that benefited from the raffle have been rescued, healed up and adopted already!!! But doesn't my boy look dapper for the summer?

The other week Two Grad Students and a Pittie kindly gave us a shout-out. You should definitely pop over to their blog for some Havi cuteness - you can't have too much adorable pitty in your life!

And finally, thanks to Maisie & Me who sent Bilbo a yummy antler as part of reader appreciation week.

Even little Lucy got in on the fun when Billy went off for a snooze. Just as well he's the sharing type!


  1. so glad the antler was enjoyed by all!

  2. So great to see him in his new collar! Congrats on the win!


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