Sunday, June 12, 2011

Midsommarfest and farmers markets

Despite the torrential rain of the past week, summer's arrival is clearly evidenced by the way outdoor festivals are springing up all over town. I spent yesterday morning at the One Tail at a Time table at Midsommarfest in Andersonville and got to hang out with this little cutie, Lokia.

She's such a sweet little peanut that I'm surprised she hasn't been adopted yet, but hopefully one of the people she charmed the pants off on Saturday will put in an application. She even won a prize for being second prettiest pup in Andersonville (Second? Ha! That lady's a winner if ever there was one) - you can just see her ribbon in the photo above as someone kindly straightens it up for her.  I'm going to guess that part of the reason she hasn't been snapped up is that she's too busy trying to love on everyone to actually stand still and have a good photo taken. Many of mine looked a bit like this one.

Now that summer's here and she'll have plenty of chances to get out and about to work her magic no doubt the perfect home will turn up.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Bilbo woke me up this morning from the longest sleep-in I've had in ages. I was astonished to find that it was already 9:30 am! As I got myself wound up to start the day I discovered that the Fido To-Go truck was at Logan Square so I hurried Bilbo, Buster, Dogdad and myself up there, excited to get some pooch ice-cream for the dogs. Only to find that they'd already left. Bummer.

However, the farmer's market on the boulevard was in full swing so I picked up human breakfast and a couple of treats for the dogs.

Ever, the grumpy old man, Buster couldn't quite understand why I would want him to pose for a photo BEFORE pouncing on his treat...

When we got home he promptly threw it up all over my jeans.

I then spent part of the afternoon at floor level in my apartment making sure there was nothing dangerous or scary for the puppy mill pooch who is arriving in about 20 minutes! The scariest thing would probably be the size of Billy's head. He spent the afternoon following me around and nibbling at my chin, trying to work out what on earth I was doing down there.

We know it's a girl, 3-6 years old, and it will either be a beagle, shih tzu or poodle. Any guesses? I'm going to leave you in suspense now as Bilbo needs another walk before she arrives.

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  1. Post a pic of the pooch!


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