Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Dog, Big Dog

We're just not used to little dogs around here!

Lucy is doing wonderfully well so far and I continue to be astonished by how well-adjusted she is. We went for a bath at Soggy Paws where she won everyone over with her unbearable cuteness. We saw the lovely Katie who bought her a pretty new pink harness.

The beagle nose was on overdrive and she made sure to check out everything in the store. We came home with a mini antler chew to try out in the crate. Incidentally, she improves every time she goes in and has already started to wander in from time to time without being tempted by chicken. I thought we might have some barking on our hands when I left her in there to go to work but she hasn't made a peep since Sunday night.

Being used to my big pushy boy, it was a surreal experience to walk back from the store with a little peanut on a pink leash. When we walk together, her speedy trot along beside him has made many people chuckle at how cute she is.

She's still very shy but has already warmed up enough for a bit of a snuggle.

And she's learning new things all the time.

She hadn't quite finished all of her frozen kong so Bilbo sneaked it out of the crate and showed her how to throw it around the apartment until everything falls out, at which point they teamed up to scarf up all the bits. This is why I have a steam mop.

Bilbo is working on his patience so he's learning this week too. He doesn't quite understand why she doesn't know how to play yet but I'm very proud of the way he's listening to what he's told.

Poor sausage. I couldn't help but chuckle at the way he leaps back into a bow, as if to say "But I just want to play, honest, mom!"


  1. Wow, Bilbo is SO well trained, Im so proud of how great of a big bro he is making!


  2. Lucy is so tiny next to Bilbo! She's so cute! He's really funny trying to play with her. I'm so impressed how well trained he is!


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