Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Love Lucy

I love her sweet nature
I love how easy she is to take for a walk
I love what a snugglebug she is

I love the pitter patter noise her paws make as she trots around the apartment
I love to see her getting braver by the day
I love her excited happy dance when she knows there's food in the offing

I love the way she tolerates Bilbo's antics
I love how little she is prancing alongside the other dogs

I love the snuffly noises she makes as she settles down to sleep
I love the sight of her wee legs waving in the air as she wriggles in the grass
I love that she snores her way through car journeys
I love to feel a gentle paw on my knee asking to be lifted up on to the couch

I'll miss Lucy but luckily for me, among the many things that I love about Lucy is what a great home she's going to. Thanks to the staff at Soggy Paws for letting her new dad know that there was a little beagle girl waiting to be the perfect new sister to a beagle brother. I know she's going to be spoiled rotten and loved as much as I could possibly wish.


  1. Yay sweet Lucy good luck in your forever home :)

  2. Lucky Lucy! will you and Bilbo be able to visit her? :)

  3. Yay Lucy - you are adorable! Have fun in your forever home!

  4. Congrats to Lucy! Fostering can be so hard, but she was so lucky you opened your home to her and gave her a chance.

  5. Yay Lucy! Let us know when you're ready for the next one ;)


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