Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stuff Bilbo eats

Discovered under the bed: the reason that Bilbo had an upset stomach last night:

Apparently vaseline is now a canine foodstuff. Does anybody else out there hear those stories about dogs with picky eating habits and just think, wow.


  1. Maisie ate a friend's lip balm a few weeks ago. it was vanilla scented though, so I thought she probably assumed it was food. Mister Bilbo may have some slippery poops in the near future, I'd think. ;)

  2. One of our dogs, Melanie, gets into things once in a while. She always waits just long enough between these "special meals" for me to forget that it's a bad thing she does. The stuff she's eaten though is incredible... we're lucky she has a strong stomach!


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