Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pick One!

In all the recent excitement I still haven't managed to choose a Silly Buddy collar for silly Billy. I have two problems in making this decision:

1. they are ALL so great - how can I just pick one (and once I have, will I become addicted and just keep going back for more)?

2. Billy has to keep reminding me "I is a BIG TOUGH BOY, purleeeeease don't put me in girly colors mom..."

So, here's my top 5 and you need to vote on which are too girly for my whiney baby  tough boy dog.

1. Even though spring is in the air, I'm loving the fall colors in this one

2. Teal for me (my favorite color) but masculine little owls for Bilbo (can little owls be masculine?)

3. Let's face it, if there's food involved it's pretty apt for the bottomless pit...

4. No doubt about it, this is for one dapper little man. But is Billy suave enough to carry it off?

5. Do I need to get a fluffy white girl poodle???


  1. I like the owls, especially because Billy is so very wise! :)

  2. I like the blue and brown plaid or the owls! :)

  3. Actually, I'm with you...I can't even decide to give you advice. He has such great coloring, he would look great in anything. I'm excited to see the photos once you choose...


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