Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Steps

My two main sources of inspiration at the moment are holding me to some pretty high standards that I am currently miles from meeting. However, since there is no fixed end-goal, the journey is kind of the point and each step along the way is an achievement. My aim is to live as "greenly" as possible and my guides of the moment are How green are my wellies? (by Anna Shepard) and the Zero Waste blog.

So far I'm doing pretty poorly but the trick is to just keep taking baby steps. My kitchen blackboard currently carries a reminder of the steps to reducing my own personal waste (hopefully I'll have downgraded to a smaller trash can by next year).

Tomorrow's baby step is buying cheese without bringing home any wrappers. I've already got my tupperware in a bag by the door so I won't forget it in the morning and I'll be popping out to the land of ridiculously tasty cheese at lunchtime to see how many funny looks I get when I hand my little plastic tubs over the counter.
I don't have much free weekend time coming up any time soon but when I do I'll be off on a thrift store adventure to see if I can find some of the yummy french glass jars lining zero-waste's shelves. Not only will that save me from having to buy more plastic but they'll hopefully look an awful lot classier when I start pulling them out of a tote bag at the grocery store.

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