Sunday, January 30, 2011


Note to self: once Frankendog is finished with his crate confinement (three weeks total!), get back to working on crate-training Bilbo. Despite being initially quite pleased that we'd created this new little cave to hide in before his op (as in "No, I don't need a walk, I can just snooze here all day, thank you very much") Buster is not terribly impressed that he doesn't get to share the human bed at night. Nevertheless, every five minutes I thank our lucky stars that it's Buster we're confining and not one of the other pooches. Bilbo is so unimpressed by being left in his crate in the little room that he will break out of it, open the door and jump over the dog-gate to get out and let you know that was a dirty move and he isn't having it...
If we were trying to confine him to the crate right now he would have broken out and torn his stitches five times by now. So, one more reason to stop being lazy about the dreaded crate-training - a must-do for all dogs!

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