Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project redirect

We're having a great week for door manners at the moment! I'm very pleased that Billy is catching on to the idea of going straight for a toy or bone when I come through the door. There was no jumping again tonight, although the furniture suffered somewhat as he took flying leaps at the bed and couch with 3 feet of knotted rope trailing behind him. I think this redirection plan is the way to go.

It was a very long day for me so I was dismayed to realize that I'd forgotten to defrost Billy's evening meal (his daily allotment is divided into three because of his stomach problems) in addition to being pretty much out of kibble. So Bill had rice, eggs and pumpkin for his evening snack and I had cereal for dinner! It would appear that he ate better than me tonight. 

He's clearly hoping for some more rope tug now but it's lights out time.


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