Friday, February 4, 2011

The little lady who started it all

Just over 4 years ago my friend M received an unexpected New Year's Eve phone call. It was a typical frigid Chicago winter night and while at a party some friends had discovered a little pittie puppy abandoned on a back porch. Wrapped in a blanket covered in faeces, the starved nine-month-old was freezing. But in true pitbull fashion, she came running for a chance at some attention. Soon this stinky, crazy, little bundle of energy was firmly ensconced in her new home. Many, many baths, plenty of food and a trip to Anti-Cruelty for some shots and their free spay program and Clover was all set.

And of course, with that way that pitbulls have of converting everyone they meet into dog lovers, Clover led to Buster who led to Bilbo who led to fostering and volunteering...

So, you see, it's very important to meet the First Lady of our trio, the one who started it all!

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