Thursday, July 28, 2011

We won!

Today was the official announcement of the winners for the Kriser's competition and One Tail at a Time won $25,000 worth of food and supplies!

I was lucky enough to go along to Kriser's on Belmont for a photo op to celebrate the win with some great pups and lovely people and collect the first installment of food. Inspired by the tight competition, Kriser's announced a second prize of $5,000 for the runners up, Greyhounds Only, who brought along a lovely troop of pooches.

Digby and Poncho represented for the motley One Tail crew and were on their best behavior. Just look at the soulful eyes on Poncho, I'm guessing he was trying to convince someone to feed him ALL the treats.

Everyone wanted a snuggle with dignified little Digby.

Including of course, Brad Kriser, dog rescue's very own Santa Claus!

What a great day.


  1. I am SO happy for you guys. I totally understand how much this means to a small primarily volunteer run rescue. I can't wait to see all the good you do with the prize!

    p.s. I mentioned Bilbo to the Chicago Dog Runner guy when he came to meet Maisie, he said "oh, the British woman's dog?" and that he was a great pup but yeah, too much of a sniffer. :P

  2. Yay--congratulations!

    There is something so amusing about the picture of all the greyhounds together. I could just stare at greyhound noses all day.

  3. this is amazing, you worked so hard for it, and you won! woohoo!!

  4. YAY congrats, I hope youre so proud!


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