Sunday, July 10, 2011

Too hot

Billy's too hot. I'm too hot. The apartment is too hot.

Generally I deal pretty well with the heat and I don't mind not having A/C but for some reason this weekend it is slowly killing both of us. Our walks have been mere rambles round the block before we head back to collapse like rag dolls and although I managed to get a lot of laundry done and some vegetable plants into proper pots in the yard I've not done a whole lot else this weekend.

Tomorrow we're going to attempt to get the window unit installed in one of the front windows but they're very old and creaky so it could be a challenge. However, we have a guest coming on Tuesday so we have to get the place spick and span - and maybe drop the temperature by a few degrees!

Lance is a Chi/Pom mix who is about to become part of the One Tail crew and Bilbo and I's next foster-pup. He arrives on Tuesday so keep an eye out for some small dog antics later in the week.


  1. Chicago in the summertime, yikes! No jealous here. hah. We're sitting at a tolerable 78 degrees this week. :)

    You're getting really into fostering, huh? So cool. I wish I could do it, too. Living situation won't permit it though, boooo!

  2. oh man, I don't know how you survive without AC. Maisie and I were so hot after our walk this morning, I turned the thermostat down to 74 and we did nothing all day but lay around and let ourselves get chilly!

  3. It's high 90s today and supposed to 100 tomorrow - I like warm weather but this is a little much! Your next foster is super cute!

  4. I cant deal with the heat...I melt. Cant wait to meet Lance!


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