Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Foster!

For the very best reason in the world, we don't have a new foster tonight. After months in the shelter with no interest, just before he was due to hop a transport to Chicago Lance was adopted! That left a free spot at One Tail and they pulled a pekingnese who was due to be euthanized and is now rolling around with the pack at Bark Bark Club. What a great Tuesday.

I promised some small dog cuteness but you'll have to make do with some old shots of Billy with his other buddies instead.

Bilbo and his girlfriend

Billy with grumpy sleepy old man - pretty much the only type of
shot we ever got of Buster pre-op

Lazy Bilbo tries to use superior weight to win tug matches with foster Pickle
While I was uploading those photos I came across this one which serves as a great reminder of how much Bilbo has improved at crate training. When I left the house that morning the crate was on the other side of the room and Billy was in it.


  1. Woohoo! That's great that Lance was adopted. And I seriously LOLed at the last picture. That's impressive!

  2. What great news!



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