Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friends old and new

We interrupt our regularly scheduled gloom and doom for a pollyanna post!

Sunday was One Tail at a Time's annual reunion and it was delightful to see all the rescued pups gamboling around and having a blast. Last year I didn't consider bringing Bilbo but this year he put in an appearance early on before it got too busy and he managed a great ten minutes before the excitement shortwired his little brain and he needed to go home and recover his composure.

I got to help with the paw-printing, which essentially involved getting down at pooch level and getting lots of slobbery kisses. The make-your-own-pupcakes stand from Fido-to-go was a hit with everyone (I made up three in pretty take-away boxes for the pooches back home).

Marley kept an eye on the officials to make sure there was no funny business going on during the raffle draw. We won a book AND a pup photo shoot.

The dogs all put their best foot forward in the trick competition, though my favorite by far was Quigley's special magic trick - how to make a lake appear out of nowhere to general hilarity...
Siblings Gizmo and Stanley (now Stella and Monte) reunited and posed for plenty of photos.

Of course, some of the current adoptables put in an appearance so everyone could make a fuss over their cute faces. We're not going to talk about why Kado is back with the crew because the actions of some stinky people aren't worth dignifying with a full sentence. He was thoroughly petted, snuggled and spoiled all day to make up for it and I'm sure the handsome boy won't be around for long and will go to a fabulous forever home.

Little Remy, who charmed the ladies at the last AWL volunteer day, snuggled up to his foster mom for a bit of quiet time and a thumbsuck!

Everyone received super-duper goody bags on the way out - in new OTAT tote bags, featuring the handsome guy.

I spent much more time petting pups than photographing them but I managed a little bit of video.

And did you catch that last bit? To make it an extra-special reunion, this weekend One Tail celebrated their 200th adoption! Hooray! Marlo arrived on the same day as little Lucy. She waited a couple of extra weeks for the perfect home but I think you'll agree she's going to settle in beautifully.

And the new friends? Well, at first I thought I shouldn't go promising little-dog-cuteness again unless I was sure it was on its way. But then I realized that my form of "jinxing" is pretty great for the dogs (see here).

Daisy has been passed around like a basketball so far and its about time that she found a proper forever home so she's going to come and make a stop off with me and Bilbo while we find her the perfect family. Someone at the shelter took her home for the week to keep her off the euthanasia list long enough for her to become a One Tail dog so that giant grin is hardly surprising.

More about this smiler next week, unless of course someone snaps her up and takes home before she jumps on transport next Tuesday!


  1. Aw, what a great event, looks like you had a really nice time!

  2. Daisy is adorable. Seems like a great day and a great organization!

  3. Looks like a great time! Can't wait to hear all about Daisy :)


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