Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Boys Do Friday Night

A few months ago a friend of mine went to PAWS and brought home a bundle of puppy cuteness with giant paws. On Friday night we discovered that he now tops Billy by nearly 2 inches.

Bilbo was unfazed by this sudden growth spurt and the two proceeded to run through every play style in the book with wild enthusiasm. I just wish I'd had the camera in my hand when Billy did the crazy butt-tuck run around the yard with Myron hot on his heels! However, despite the dim lighting, I managed to catch some big boys playtime to share.

Even Bilbo could barely keep up with those puppy paws. I walked a pretty darn tired dog home that night and we didn't have to head out for a morning walk the next day until after 10am by the time we'd both had a good long snooze.

Which is just as well because I needed all my energy to survive the madness that is Pitchfork on a hot, hot day. I was so relieved to have snagged a VIP pass so I could escape the crowds and regroup from time to time. There were giant dust clouds hanging in the air from the tramp of so many hipster feet on the dry ground.

It was a great weekend but I have to confess, my favorite moment was probably lying under a quiet tree in a cool breeze with the buzz of the crowds and thump of the bass in the background, gently snoozing with a free glass of wine.


  1. I think that would be my favorite moment as well!

  2. One thing I have learned from my many years of dance class is to never let your partner lead you around by the ear!


  3. Stopping by to say hello! Saw your blog on PBU and am enjoying reading about Bilbo!


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