Monday, July 4, 2011

Keeping Cool

In more ways than one! To begin with it sounds like a war zone out there tonight so I'm doubly grateful for my Bilbo right now and how delightfully chilled he is.

What fireworks???

It's also been a stinking hot weekend so it was a bit of a challenge keeping cool on our walks. Billy tends to be constantly thirsty as soon as the temperature tops 70 F. My Ollydog waistpack is the most convenient solution I've found. Billy quite happily drinks out of the water bottle and having it at hand means I can give him a drink every few blocks without having to rummage around in either my bag or his.

However, even with a full bottle of water, our Saturday walk was something of a challenge and I have to confess that halfway through our walk I wondered whether we were going to have to pop the pooches in a cab. We managed to keep them hydrated and cooled down by getting icecubes from coffee shops along the way, and at one point borrowed a hose from a guy washing windows and hosed them both down on the busy corner at Milwaukee and North!

Soggy dog...
Even in the heat, I couldn't resist taking snaps of the local murals, although dogdad and the pooches weren't terribly enthusiastic models.

A little advice on the sidewalk.


  1. Love the advice on the sidewalk...going to check out the Ollydog waistpack.

  2. It's hard to keep them cool sometimes! Love that last photo.

  3. It's so hot here too!! Almost too hot for me to wear my backpack, so mom has to carry my water. I like to drink out the the bottle too...we're so sophisticated!! :)


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