Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How many dogs?

One Tail at a Time is in the running for the JACKPOT! $25,000 worth of food and supplies courtesy of Kriser's. Now that's a LOT of puppy chow and normally a little, wee rescue wouldn't be in the running for such a grand prize. However, One Tail has super awesome followers and this is a local competition. The only problem is that there's a pesky greyhound rescue that keeps stealing the top spot.

I have nothing against greyhounds of course and I'm sure that they're doing wonderful work.
But the fact of the matter is, there isn't a better rescue in the whole Chicagoland area. One Tail has the best pups, the sexiest founders, the most fun events, the loveliest volunteers and most importantly THE BEST LOGO!

All you have to do to help them win is click on this link and then click vote. And in true Chicago style you can vote daily. It really couldn't be easier! So please do this for Bilbo, because without the One Tail crew he wouldn't be here. Without a penny from your pocket or more than 30 seconds out of each day you can help them save this many dogs....

Photo: M. Scott Brauer
P.S. I couldn't resist borrowing this photo because it's so incredibly evocative but it's by a Boston-based documentary photographer called M. Scott Brauer. If you like this image please visit his site where you can buy prints of his photos and support his work as well as learn more about the story behind this photo.


  1. I've been voting pretty much every day...but just 'cause of the logo! ;)



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