Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chicago SummerDog (or take your dog to work day)

Among the many, many other projects that he works on, Dogdad produces a program called Chicago SummerDance. Now in its 15th year, it's a much-loved Chicago institution with free dance lessons and live music under the stars downtown. The majority of the events take place at the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park but there is a Wednesday night series called "SummerDance in the Parks" where the program goes on the move and heads out to the neighborhoods.

Tonight's program took place at the Humboldt Park Boathouse, which is such a fun place to hold an event when the weather holds out. Dogdad had to go and check that everything was running smoothly but with some great Park District staff on hand he didn't have much to deal with so we took the pooches down.

The place was packed and there were people dotted all around the area with picnics enjoying Nabori's performance.

With the Chicago skyline in the distance and a cool breeze across the water it was just the perfect night. Bilbo did ok around the crowds even though we didn't have a single treat on hand but all that excitement can make a pup thirsty!


  1. I wish my dogs would learn to drink out of a drinking fountain. But normally I end up having to use their frisbee as a water dish.

  2. Oh my gosh I wish I would've known... that would have been super fun! Of course I would have had to stand across the way from you or Rudie would have been a butthead to poor Billy ;)

  3. Bilbo drinking from that fountain is so cute!

  4. haha! I taught Elli to do the how-humans-drink thing too!

  5. I love that Bilbo is drinking from that fountain!


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