Monday, February 20, 2012

Stuffy Bones

I loved seeing the photos of Maize and Lucy Lou enjoying their blog-birthday bones last week.

It was purely coincidence that both prizes went to tan, pittie girls, I promise, and not to do with Billy trying to woo his "type"! When I pulled Emily's comment out of the virtual hat, I decided that foster Lucy-Lou needed a much bigger stuffy than the two I'd made so I pulled out some more material and ran up an extra-large one, just for her. I sent the two minis for Pug & Maize to share and added some of Billy's handmade treats to both packages.

We're swooning over adoptable Lucy-Lou around here. Isn't she a beauty? If you think she might be the girl for you, email for more information.


  1. We love the bone and the treats! Thank you again!

  2. I loveeeee Lucy Lou! And those stuffies are so pretty!

  3. I wish stuffies could survive around here...glad we won ourselves an antler last year for the Halloween photo contest instead of a bone (it's already been worn down to a sliver)!

  4. Those are some gorgeous stuffies. Think they'll stay stuffed for long?

  5. Love these! I always liked the idea of pretty dog toys, because they're going to get left around the house anyway. We are lucky that our pooches aren't tough chewers. You should host a dog-craft day or club?

    1. That's a super idea! I just got back from picking up a load of stuff for my box room turned craft room (early birthday present from my family). Once it's all in order I'll have to see who fancies trying their hand at some doggy crafts. I can see I need to post a few tutorials.


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