Friday, February 10, 2012

A Letter to Nala Bean

Dear Nala Bean,

Didn't I tell you this morning, when you didn't want to get out of bed, that today was going to be a special day? You tried very hard to convince Bilbo and I to snuggle back under the covers - the Yorkie kisses attack you launched on us both was a smart tactical move.

This afternoon you didn't think much of my plan to have a nice long walk. You weren't impressed when I revealed that it was important for you to stretch your legs before we took a little ride. When I said that the three of us should have a good walk together you and Billy both tried to persuade me to hide inside until the cold white stuff stopped blowing in your faces. But we couldn't wait until tomorrow and you both enjoyed your ramble in the end.

You were pretty darn brave on your first bus ride and even the noisy El train didn't scare you. Is this the same little lady who was terrified by stairs when she first arrived? The journey was worth it when you met the lovely people at the other end. I know you thought that home was with Billy and I, but such a special girl deserves a lot more love. You clearly caught on quickly to the advantages of multiple laps as you clambered between each of them, making sure everyone knew what a sweetheart you are. Your new friend Boo was excited to welcome you into her house and she showed you some of her best play moves. I know you love your big foster brother but it's a whole lot easier to give doggy kisses when you don't have to wait for your friend to lie down so you can reach. You took full advantage of that!

Try to be on your very best behavior for the next two weeks. Be a good girl for Boo. She'd like to be your sister and teach you how her people helped her to be less scared of the world. Don't worry, if you two decide you don't want to be buddies Billy and I will be here for you. I have a sneaking suspicion that you won't need us though.

That doesn't mean we won't miss you. I've said many times that the hardest foster to let go would be the one that Billy loved as much as me. He's always been a good foster brother but you were the first girl that he developed a soft spot for. When I got home tonight he stood in the corner where the crates stand and barked at me, wanting to know where I'd hidden you and why I wasn't letting you out to play. I know I pretended that it wasn't a big deal when I left you in the nice big house but the emptiness of your carrier hurt. On the way home I had to fill it with that special grape juice and chocolate that I never let you taste.

You see Bean, there are a lot more girls like you waiting for their first experience of a warm, soft bed. I know there are hungry, scared, sick little ladies who still need our help. How can I convince others that they can foster too if I don't keep opening my heart and my home? I know you're going to be safe and happy so tonight I'll shed some tears but soon Billy and I have to be ready for the next girl who needs us.


  1. Awww. What a sweet family that Miss Nala Bean has found!! I hope the next two weeks are seamless... she sounds like such a special girl! I haven't fostered yet (because my husband doesn't want a 4th animal in the small apartment), but I plan to when we have more space! I would imagine that the hardest thing would be to say goodbye! I give you credit for doing such a good thing, and thank you for sharing your story. :)

  2. Aw, good luck to Miss Nala Bean! She is gonna do great!

  3. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing her and your stories! :)

  4. Congrats to Nala Bean! What a quick turnaround!

  5. Yay!! Our paws are crossed that it's a perfect match!


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