Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bloomingdale Trail Murals: Part 2

Here in Chicago we are being absolutely spoiled by this easy winter. Thursday's weather was so beautiful that a quick 20 minute lunchtime walk soon turned into an hour and a half ramble around the neighborhood.

As I'm more familiar with the murals to the east of my street I made a point to start our westward exploration along the Bloomingdale line.

"Mi pasion esta fresca" - Bloomingdale mural

"I stayed in the front yard all my life
I want a peek at the back where it's rough and untended
and hungry weeds grow
a girl gets sick of a rose"


  1. aw, you're making me miss my city Helen!

  2. I missed this the first time...I want to check these out! Is it a long path? How would it do as a SociaBulls walk? (You could host!)

    1. Alas, it's mostly ducking down back alleys. It will be a great walk when the actual trail is up and running. But we might be able to combine a stretch with some boulevard walking, maybe meet in Palmer Square. I'll have a think!


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