Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scruffy dog and stuffy dog

Despite a little trimming (I couldn't get her medicine around her giant whiskers!), Nala still has a pretty wild fraggle hair do.

Even so, I found it a little cheeky when one of the folks in my neighborhood asked if I'd found her on the street. I mean, she's had a couple of baths and a brush!

Although we're getting lots of wiggly bottom and even a couple of playbows out of the wee lass, she's still working out what is involved in this "play" lark. Billy is failing in his big brother duties and instead of showing her what toys are for, he wandered off with her stuffed cow and has made it all his own.

I'm guessing that he reckons the white and black cow spots destined it for him, so this is what he greets me at the door with when I come home. He even brings it outside when we take Nala for her post-crate potty break.


  1. I love Billy walking around with his stuffed cow!

  2. I love that picture of Billy in the doorway. He's so handsome. And of course I love the b/w pitty and scruffy little dog combo ;)

  3. Billy is too cute with that toy in his moouth at the door!


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