Monday, April 4, 2011

Silly Owner and What's in Your Purse (Part II)

I started to write a very rambling post about what a lunatic I was today but, to be honest, some things just don't need to be shared so I'll paraphrase: took Buster to the vet (thanks to Two Pitties in the City for opening my eyes to the possibilities of taking cabs with pooches in tow!) and locked myself and Bilbo out of the apartment. Buster's leg is healing well so we can start doing longer walks, but he may have a thyroid problem which would explain why he's not been finishing his food, has been ever so slightly more lazy than usual and still has a great big bald patch from his operation. Yipers.

No good Buster pictures today because the battery ran out on my camera, but here's a fuzzy yet ridiculously cute one of the boys snuggling.

To return to the odd contents of my purse, you'll remember the ducknecks that the pooches devoured last week? The same day that I picked those up, a box arrived on my desk at work.

Yes, there was a box of live critters sat on my desk. You see, my birthday present from dogdad was a wormery (see where this is going?). The idea was that the wormery would arrive, I'd set it up and read the instructions, start gathering the supplies I needed to create the patio vegetable garden that my wormery was going to fertilize and once everything was ready, the wrigglers would arrive. Dogdad didn't quite take that timeline seriously and decided, regardless of instructions, it wouldn't really be a problem to order everything at the same time. So here they were, a box of worms, newly arrived via UPS and I had no wormery and NO idea how to take care of them! Best plan I came up with was to dump them in a mixing bowl with some shredded newspaper and potato slices for munchies.

They seem pretty happy to me so far. The big box that finally arrived today was the wormery for these little guys so early tomorrow morning I'll be picking it up from dogdad's house and setting it up in my pantry, full of wrigglies!

How many times do you come home with desiccated bird parts and a box full of redworms?

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  1. I'm glad the cab worked! I'm interested in your wormery...


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