Thursday, April 7, 2011

No car

Not only do I not have a car but neither dogdad nor myself even have a driving license so we either have to  impose on our friends or find creative ways to accomplish errands. I once took the metra out to Elmhurst and carried a solid walnut side table back on the train and the bus. I do love it though so it was totally worth it!

I can't wait for Billy's harness to arrive so he can start helping out with his cart. In the meantime this is the procession that made it's way from dogdad's house to mine a couple of mornings ago.

We actually had a great walk for the most part as both dogs seemed to decide that we were on a mission and they had to march along quietly. The only hitch was the neighbor's off-leash dog who isn't so much a problem in himself as he's pretty fearless and Billy doesn't mind spunky little dogs. However, his owner started screeching and running and yelling and even hit the poor little guy with newspaper she was carrying - even BUSTER got over-excited. I'm afraid that I snapped at her to stop her acting so foolishly, though she at least had the grace to look chagrined. I wish I'd taken a bit more time to talk to her though and next time I see her I'm going to suggest a playdate in the backyard so she panics a little less when her dog comes running up to mine. Maybe I'll then have a chance to hint that if her dog has no response to recall and she's terrified of him meeting dogs then she might want to consider keeping him on a leash. This is not the first time it's happened, although aside from a tendency to want to over-excitement, they've never had a bad meeting so why she is still so panicked I'm not sure.

After all that excitement the boys settled down for a good snooze.


  1. wow, major props for finding ways to get everything done with two dogs and no car. I confess I wouldn't be able to get by without mine! And I too have a neighbor who does not leash her dog, luckily he and Maisie get along because it would be a recipe for disaster otherwise.

  2. Have you thought about walking Billy with a backpack? If he enjoys a good mission and likes having a job it could turn him into a well behaved, marching, gentleman on all walks!

    Love the side table btw, totally worth the trek!

  3. I too am amazed at how you can go carless with 2 dogs. We used to only go places within our neighborhood, but then I got addicted to taking her in cabs. Off-leash dogs in the city frustrate me.
    P.S. I think we have that same yellow throw! And in our post today...

  4. It's probably easier if you've never been used to a car. I don't really know any other way to get a big bag of dog food home than just throwing it over my shoulder!
    I have a backpack for Bilbo but it needs a serious wash (his, erm, aim is not great and he generally gets himself in the process...) and then needs to be mended as it tore this winter. Just need to get around to the task...

  5. howdy there
    the houston pittie pack here
    you guys are furry much cute and hope you dont mind us following along

    the pittie pack


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