Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Having just returned from a very thought-provoking presentation by Animal Farm Foundation I was excited to share some of the information here. However, I spent all day working on a grant application and am now being subjected to a barking fit by the spoiled brat who refuses to go out in the rain but still wants me to magically provide a long walk so I have smush for brains.

Instead, here is the reason I always end up leaving the house 10 minutes later than planned in the morning:

"Pleeeeeease don't leave me"

And, given that I made the bed before leaving, what did he get up to while I was gone?

What's on TV?!

I was inordinately thrilled this evening to discover that Allie at Hyperbole and a Half had not only posted again after a long silence, but had shared another adventure of Simple Dog!

If you have not yet discovered her blog, follow it at once! Her dog posts are beyond hilarious so get to know Simple Dog here then read this post which was the first I ever read and STILL makes me cry with laughter. And don't forget today's adventure.



  1. hooray for hyperbole! i have been waiting so long!

    also: we are looking forward to hearing what you learned from AFF. we love them dearly.

  2. I loooove that blog! She is so funny and has so much insight into the brains of simple dogs :)

    I heard from Animal Farm Foundation yesterday during the Chicago Area Shelter Alliance monthly meeting. Definitely some great ladies with some great information!

  3. I love Hyperbole and a Half! Simple dog almost makes me want a simple dog just so I can have good blog stories!

    (Thanks for tuning in to my blog, by the way).



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