Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Fostering

A belated update on the lovely Rain. She found foster and is now officially a One Tail dog! You can read more about her here.

On my way home from running errands in the horrid SLEET - yes, in APRIL - I ran into a familiar face. Some fellow volunteers from our last trip down to Animal Welfare League were walking their boxer pup and the little pitty mix whom they'd decided to take home that day to foster. Ski was a skinny, sick little creature who would barely walk at the beginning of the day as every sight, sound and smell caused him to flatten to the ground like a terrified pancake.

Ski warming up to his future foster family

It was amazing to see how far he's come in less than a month. Once the noisy, scary train had finished rattling overhead he came bounding over to me, put his paws on my knee and gave as many kisses as he could manage to fit in.

To top off all the good news, if a foster home can be found, there's a chance that everyone's favorite ladies man, Puppet (from CACC's Pittie Party), will be taken into rescue within a few weeks. Keep your paws crossed and spread the word...

While they might not have their happy ending yet, it is still heartening to see these pups well on their way, thanks to the combined efforts of caring Chicagoans.


  1. it so warms our heart to see so many wonderful pibbles having a chance at a new life and the angels who are taking the time to give them some hope. thank you for the updates. it makes our day.

  2. As I'm reading through your blog, I'm starting to realize that we have probably crossed paths - either at rescue functions or around Logan Square. I hope to introduce myself live at some point!


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