Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last day

I've worked for the same organization ever since moving to Chicago just under 6 years ago. I recently accepted a new position and yesterday was my last day. It's been a tumultuous few years but I had the opportunity to create and work on programs that I was immensely proud of and tens of thousands of people enjoyed. More importantly I worked with an amazing team of people who, over long nights and many weekends became as much family as colleagues. My new job is a wonderful opportunity with people I'm thrilled to collaborate with, but I'm very sad to be leaving my "boys" behind.

They gave me a fun send-off and, since my new office is only a few blocks away, once the dust has settled no doubt I'll be back to take advantage of all the music they've got lined up for the summer and beyond.

Of course, I've still got a couple of boys of my own at home so there's no rest for the wicked...

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