Sunday, January 15, 2012

In case you missed it

If you're based in Chicago then by now you've probably heard about the actions of "trainer" Dan Morgan yesterday. Just in case you missed it I'd like to make sure that everyone is keeping their pups well away from this man.

From the One Tail at a Time facebook page:

"Unfortunately today at our Mutts and Mimosas event we witnessed something extremely disturbing. A man named Dan Morgan, who is a trainer for "Canine Wakeup" abused his dog in front of all of us. His dog peed indoors and Dan kicked him and then repeatedly yanked on the leash while his dog wore a prong collar (that was placed on his neck inappropriately and in a fashion that could cause serious injury). The dog screamed and cried repeatedly. It was disgusting and heartbreaking. We attempted to get the dog from him, but were unable."

Representatives from Alive Rescue, One Tail at a Time, Chicago Party Animals and Chicago Canine Concierge have filed a police report and the dog in question has apparently been removed from his care by its owner. Please help to spread the word to ensure that no one unwittingly uses Canine Wakeup to train their dogs. He espouses inhumane and outdated punishment-based training techniques and his behavior in front of witnesses has proven him to be an unapologetically abusive and violent individual.

While I would usually hesitate to put the livelihood of any person at risk, this man's business should be shut down. I shudder to think of the damage, both physical and psychological, that he must be inflicting on people's pets. Please share this information with everyone you know and help us to make Chicago a safer place for dogs.


  1. Only a coward has to treat dogs this way. He thinks he makes him a man I'm sure.

  2. I'm glad you're spreading the word. So many abusers can get away with a lot under the term "training" but whenever possible, they need to be stopped. At least that poor dog is being kept safe now!

  3. How horrible! Well done on sharing this story.

  4. I read this on FB yesterday and couldn't believe it.

    It's just awful what some people do in the name of "training."

    Yuck. Glad the dog is no longer in his care.


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