Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Bilbo Backward Shuffle

If you're lying alongside your momma and you're thinking that she's hogging most of the couch, here are a few easy steps to getting comfortable.

1. Casually sit up, as if you're pondering getting down to try out the rug.

2. Turn around until you're at 90 degrees to the couch back.

3. Gently slide your rear end up into momma's lap.

4. Wait a minute or two until you're certain she hasn't noticed before initiating phase two.

5. Shuffle your tail up momma's chest while simultaneously sinking front paws down until your head is resting on the convenient knee pillows.

6. Immediately commence snoring (whether or not you're actually already asleep, as it reduces the probability that momma will push you off).


  1. lol! He's a smart one that Bilbo ;)

  2. this is hilarious because its exactly what my Ben does - who happens to look exactly like Bilbo :)

  3. that reminds me of the American Bulldog i had. somehow even when they are being bad they are incredibly adorable!

    1. That's their defense mechanism - it's impossible to be annoyed with them when they're so darn cute.


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