Saturday, January 21, 2012


The weather was colder than I'd dressed for and I was dashing back from the train station to get cosy and warm at home. As I crossed the street this face stopped me in my tracks:

Can any of you claim that you'd have been able to walk past this lady without giving her a cuddle? Eve is the snuggliest, most loving gentle giant of a mastiff, I was so glad I didn't just zoom by. I fell into conversation with her foster mom who is caring for this lady through  Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue. She's dog friendly, loves meeting new people and just needs a nice soft bed to snooze on in a forever home.

When I was looking for a dog, I almost applied for some mastiffs but decided in the end to go with a smaller breed. They do make great apartment dogs though and I certainly envied the nice leisurely pace that Eve was setting for their afternoon walk. When it gets that cold, Bilbo likes to hurl himself (and me) around the streets as if we're racing for the last chicken on earth.


  1. Eve is lovely! We hope she finds a wonderful forever home very soon!

  2. Mastiffs are great dogs! My sister has two and a pit bull. All kinds of fun at her place.

    Hope Eve finds a good place.

  3. What a beautie! Hope she finds a forever home real soon!

  4. I just adore mastiffs. At first I thought this was the other Billy from OTAT! Those faces are so snuggly.

  5. That is the sweetest face! More and more I think Fozzie is part Mastiff. They really do have hearts of gold.

  6. What a pretty lady. I love Mastiffs too. :)


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