Monday, January 16, 2012

Double Diet

I'm not a fan of New Year's resolutions - I'm still very much a work in progress so I like to keep my options open for new resolutions at the drop of a hat! Still, despite my best efforts, I seem to be embarking on all kinds of changes this January. One of which is a diet tweak for both Bill and I.

He's lost a bit of weight recently which, combined with the colder weather (which I'm sure is somewhere around the corner, right?) and the fact that, now we're foster-less I'm getting back into some better walking habits, means he gets to go on another super-diet. Yet again, I'm upping his food! Plus, since I'm turbo-charging training this month to get him back on track before our next foster he's getting lots of extra snacks too, not to mention the sympathy treats. There are definitely no complaints from the canine half of the household.

As for the human menu, that's going to be a bit more work. A nasty eczema flare-up on top of assorted other ailments has convinced me that I need to get back on track with my eating habits. I have both a dairy and wheat intolerance so I'll be cutting both out of my diet, along with the nasty chemical-laden candies which I think are what pushed me over the edge into truly itchy red territory. Do you think there's any chance that I could trade with Bilbo?


  1. I'm not a New Year Resolution fan either- I's rather aim to improve over time, whatever that looks like. Good luck with the double diet- I bet Bilbo will keep you moving!

  2. I like your glass jars! I hope your eczema gets better soon. :)

  3. ooh, fancy jars! we keep all of desmond's treats in two 13" x 13" boxes. i think it may be time to stop buying so many treats...


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