Monday, December 12, 2011

The Return of the Zoomies

They're back. The wintertime zoomies have returned to our house.

As the ground starts to freeze and the air begins to bite, Billy becomes rocket charged. He needs to run, run, run. But only when he's on the end of a leash. When he's in the backyard he pretty much just stands and stares at me wondering what I'm waiting for.

The zoomies also have a soundtrack - the barkies. These occur intermittently throughout the year, usually when walking into a pet store, meeting new people or when any one of Billy's "Hundred Exciting Things" appear. The winter barkies are a special breed that happen only at home and are intended to signify that despite the hour-long trek around the park that we just returned from, he's bored. Or hungry. He's always hungry in the wintertime. It's difficult to separate this from his "I need to go out" bark so I spend a lot of time letting him in and out of the yard. If the barkies are ignored, out comes the insistent pawing and usually attempting to clamber into my lap or ONTO my sewing table. At which point he may or may not just fall asleep, having received the attention he wants.

Weapons to combat the dreaded zoomy-barky combo are few. Long walks work for about half an hour, quick bursts on the treadmill help but my main friend right around now is the good old-fashioned time out. And earplugs.

Hopefully the winter super-weapon will arrive soon - there's nothing that tires out a Billydog like running through snowdrifts!


  1. You look like you just had a load of fun! Is that snowfall from this winter already? Looks like you have had a bit of it!

  2. I cheated on the photo! That's after last year's snowpocalypse. Oh, he was soooo tired. Bliss.

  3. Shosta gets those too! When the air has a nip, she gets all frisky and does what we call the "crazy dog." When snow is added to the mix, it's even funnier!

  4. My favorite part is they are accompanied by the "Barkies". If only to have summer in Chicago again...


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