Sunday, December 25, 2011

Handmade Holiday Week: Day 1 - Presents for Pooches

Merry Christmas everyone!

Having fallen in love with all things crafty, this year I decided to aim for a completely handmade Christmas. So as not to spoil any surprises I've been waiting to share some of those with you until today, which means I'll be keeping the Christmas spirit going a little longer and posting a different handmade holiday gift each day this week.

Naturally, I didn't forget the pooches and experimented with some more homemade cookie recipes. The best thing about cooking for them is making it up as you go along, which doesn't work as well for human baking. I used pumpkin, peanut butter, oats, soy milk and a mix of different flours, plus the new bone-shaped cookie cutter I picked up at Joann a couple of weeks ago.

Pose with the box? Like this?

The cute dog-themed take out boxes came from Container Store.

Heeeey, wait a minute, what's in here?!
Of course, Bilbo didn't think that I should be handing any of his treats out to other dogs and tried to make me forget that I'd stashed a bundle for him in his cookie jar.

You're just plain old mean
The best present of the year goes to little Flowerpot. Not only did she get her sore leg fixed and find a lovely little pair of ruffians willing to share their home with her for Christmas, she'll be going into a wonderful foster-to-adopt in a few days! Cross your fingers that all goes well for the little nugget as she's definitely earned her forever home.


  1. I thought I heard a rumor about a new home for Flower...Good luck to her! And I love how creative you are. I might just have to take some of your ideas.

  2. YAY!!! Flower has totally earned a home of her very own! Good luck!

  3. That is so awesome that little miss Flower has, hopefully, found her forever home. We'll be crossing our fingers that she'll settle in well.


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