Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handmade Holiday Week: Day 5 - For the Children

Not only are there plenty of babies on my Christmas shopping list but some of those babies are now shooting up into little boys and girls! I had a few more ambitious projects in mind for the boys which I have yet to tackle but I still managed to get to something for everyone on the list. Here are a few of the gifts that went out to the kiddies this year.

1. Dinosaur Hat

My landlord's strange garden owl makes a rather
handy prop for taking hat photos
I'm utterly in love with these fun fleecy numbers and made three for the little monsters on my list. Although it can get tricky feeding multiple layers through my machine, I enjoy how forgiving fleece can be if you get a bit too speedy and end up with wonky seams (not that I would ever get impatient...)

2. Hair Clips

I probably need to get my hands on some prettier colored hair grips but otherwise, these make a super quick and easy gift. If you're feeling like trying out something crafty this is a great place to start, all you need are some scraps of fabric, a needle and thread, a cute button and a few spare minutes. I just whipped up some fabric yo-yos (you can find oodles of tutorials if you google) then stitched them to the clip with a cute button in the middle. Fair warning - once you get started with yo-yos they can be rather addictive and the possibilities for using them are endless. I quite fancy making a yo-yo pillow at some point in the new year, or maybe more of these thank you cards that I put together a couple of months back.

3. Lump of Coal

I couldn't resist borrowing this fun idea that even included free printable files for the label. A great gift for all those naughty boys!


  1. I like those hair clips - very cute!

  2. That dino hat is ammmmmazing! If I ever have a baby, it will definitely have a dino hat!


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