Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Since being delightfully adorable hasn't cut it yet for finding the perfect home, foster Flower has decided to pull the sympathy card to see if that will make Santa bring her a forever family for Christmas.

Flower's first owner was a bit of a charmer who kicked her across the room while wearing big work boots and broke her elbow. She was lucky that a local animal welfare advocate pulled her out of that situation and arranged an operation to fix her leg. However, she couldn't stay there forever and went off to another home, who eventually decided they couldn't keep her either and dumped her at a shelter. She was scheduled for euthanasia when a shelter volunteer fell in love and took her home for a few days to try and buy her enough time to find a spot in a rescue. Luckily One Tail at a Time stepped in and she ended up in foster with Billy and I where she settled in happily.

Unfortunately Flower wasn't quite done with the past and recently the pins in her mangled little elbow started causing her some trouble. Of course, the lovely crew at OTAT made sure she got the attention she needed and yesterday she went off to the vet to get the pesky things removed. Everything went well so she'll be as good as new in no time, but for now she's feeling very sorry for herself!

When she first came home last night she wanted to be held constantly so she made a bit of a fuss overnight when she had to go back in her crate. However, she's working out how to negotiate the giant bandage and get comfortable on her own again.

What do you think? Does the giant bandage garner enough sympathy to earn this little lady a forever home?

If I'm wringing your heartstrings but you're not able to take in a permanent pup consider becoming a temporary holiday foster. With so many foster families out of town and boarding facilities filling up fast you can be of great help to a rescue organization without having to make a long commitment - and what an easy intro to fostering if you've been considering giving it a go. I'm going to be in the UK so if a forever home doesn't turn up Flowerpot is one of the pups who would love to have a temporary family to snuggle up to on Christmas morning.

Not that it's all doom and gloom around here this week. Flower joined me on Saturday night at the One Tail at a Time calendar release party and had a great time. With a room full of dog lovers she received plenty of attention, even if she pretended to be a bit camera shy at times.

Photo: Leah Moyers
Being the spoilt little princess that she is, she managed to beg plenty of time up in arms so she could see everything that was going on, and try to sneak some snacks off my plate...

Photo: Leah Moyers
There was a silent auction, delicious food and drink, gorgeous art to look at, plenty of great company (both human and canine, including doggy celebs Fifty, Mr Big and Rude Dog) and even a photo booth. And of course, all the money raised goes towards helping many more dogs in 2012, which is definitely worth smiling about.


  1. Awww! I wish I could take Flower to stay with us for Christmas...she looks so pathetic with her little cast!

  2. Awww poor girl, I hope she finds a foster or forever home soon... we know how hard it is to get people to foster :-(

  3. She is way too cute. I don't know why it is taking her so long to find her family. Though I think the bandage will def help.
    P.S. SociaBulls at Logan Square this weekend if you can make it!

  4. I got teary eyed seeing her looking so pathetic. I'm launching a little fundraiser on the 12th and will plaster those photos all over it, hopefully we'll get sympathy donations and a great family for the little babe.

  5. Oh she is adorable! I too got a little teary seeing her photos. I'll make sure I share on fb and twitter - she deserves a fur-ever home x

  6. I say play up the sympathy card while you can. We have a pup staying at our facility for a few weeks while her foster home is away. Hopefully Flower gets a home for the holiday!

  7. Oh, poor girl!! It's awful when they don't feel good :(


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