Saturday, December 31, 2011

Handmade Holiday Week: Day 7 - Loot for the Ladies

Just as there are people who are very easy to shop for, some are a dream to craft for. My problem with my sister was narrowing down the list of what I wanted to make so that I would actually have time to complete (most of) it. I still have a few things that I want to give her to complement the gifts she received, and of course so that I can play with fun new patterns for someone who won't mind if I replace what I gave them with a better version in a few months when I find a method I like even more. Here are a few very girly ideas to wrap up Handmade Holiday Week:

1. Travel Set

My sister is quite the traveller so I included some accessories to help with her packing: a zipper pouch, a drawstring bag and a little jewelry holder. I found the design of the jewelry pouch quite clever, though if I make another I'll make some changes to the pattern that I found - there are eight little pockets on the side and it's all just closed up with a drawstring ribbon, which means that nothing gets tangled but it's very easy to see what's in there.

2. Anthropologie Copycat Scarf

I think this scarf could stand some experimentation with other kinds of fabric but my little sister can make anything look good. Its a rough copy of a scarf I saw in Anthropologie, one of my favorite shops and one of my sister's first stops whenever she comes to visit me in Chicago. The sweet butterfly brooch is her own and sets off the ruffle flowers to perfection.

3. Rollers

Ironically, my sister had a few inches chopped off her hair on Christmas Eve so she won't be able to use these straight away. However, she always has problems coming up with new ways to wear her hair when it gets a little longer so I thought these would be a fun idea. I made a set of fabric rollers for whipping up some curls and printed out some hairstyles from this e-book which I thought she'd enjoy. I bound them up into a little book and she's already started experimenting.

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  1. What fabulous creative gifts! Paws up to you! :D

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  2. so many awesome gift idea in this series! your handmade list was ambitious - very impressive!


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