Monday, March 7, 2011


Bilbo loves to "help" with projects around the house.

I'll hold it flat, you get out the drill

Yes, this foam is suitably comfortable to make a chair cushion

That hem just isn't straight
The end result of course is that it takes me about three times as long to actually finish anything so I'm happy that I wrapped up two projects this weekend. I got some new screws and reassembled that reupholstered chair that I posted about erm, a little while ago:

As for the curtains that have been irritating me for about four months now....

They're now roman shades!!!

Not to forget dog-related projects, I'm very excited to report some progress on the training front too. I'd vowed to do some serious crate training once Buster was liberated after his operation. Given how much Bilbo detests the crate I'm anticipating this taking a fair amount of time but he kicked it off to a great start by marching in there voluntarily this weekend. He got oodles of praise and treats and worked out pretty quickly that if he just lay down in there he got a steady stream of noms.

He spent a good couple of hours in there (popping out every now and then for a drink of water and some sniffs, and probably to remind us to keep the treats coming). Not sure what the sad face is about - clearly he decided that looking soulful was getting him more yummies.

I love three day weekends.

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