Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In like a lion

It's hard to believe that March has already arrived. Clearly I am growing too accustomed to the Chicago winter as I feel like it's hardly arrived yet we're in the final month. There was still a chill in the air this morning but there's no snow left in the park

and the geese are returning. 

I thought they travelled in groups but they seem to be trickling back a few at a time as we only spotted about six on our weekend walk.

However, the pond is still frozen solid and I definitely had iced fingers by the time I got home so I know winter won't be giving up for a few weeks yet.


  1. I love seeing the park photos; is that Humboldt park? I think it was that blizzard that really toughened us. I'm so ready for spring, but I feel like this is the really tough part where it's supposed to be spring soon, and all the store windows show us what we're supposed to be wearing, then it stays super-cold until about mid-June.

  2. Yes, it is Humboldt - we're lucky enough to live just a few blocks away so it's a regular daytime haunt for us.
    I know what you mean about that tail end of winter dragging on a bit...


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