Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bilbo sleeps

And generally with total abandon and loud snores.

If he didn't make so much noise, I'd probably prod him to make sure he's still alive.

Although "dislocated neck" seems to be one of his favorite positions.

Surely that can't be comfortable?

A bit more like it.

Now we're talking

Or even better, test out Buster's new bed before Buster even gets a chance to lie on it! 
If he can get it, Bilbo loves company for a good snooze

Whether it's four-legs


Or a general pile-up!
Of course, however deeply asleep you may think he is, chances are, if there's a hint of food in the air

He's still watching you!


  1. Hilarious...love the pics! :)


  2. Oh, 'dislocated neck'--Miss M does that one too and I always thought it so strange and uncomfortable. So funny to see other pitties doing in too (though Mr. B doesn't do that at all).

  3. Sleep positions #2 and #3 are my fav.

  4. Sometimes its as if he hasn't got any bones in his body. Then of course he wakes up and runs into your legs and your shins snap with the solidity of the impact... ;-)

  5. Hi new friends. I'm just hopping over hjer from the blog hop. It's nice to meet you. Since I like to curl up in a tight ball when I sleep, it's hard for me to understnad how you can be comfy in some of those positions. You sure are a cute tho and pull those positions off rather nicely.

  6. this is GREAT! desmond has done every single one of the above poses. must be a pittie thing!


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