Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free puppy love?

Have you thought about fostering?

I've mentioned this in passing before but it's about time it received it's own post. Fostering is one of the most rewarding and direct ways to help dogs in need and can be a great option for people in many different situations to make a real difference. I've adopted and fostered through One Tail at a Time (two separate dogs, I might add!) so I'll talk about their set-up in particular but you'll generally find similar conditions apply with your own local rescue or shelter.

People generally air two main concerns when I bring up the idea of fostering. The first is easy to answer - it doesn't cost anything to foster a dog! One Tail provides food, toys, leash/collar, medications, crate and any other essentials you may need. If, like me, you don't drive, they also have a wonderful network of volunteers who can help out with transport to adoption events, vet visits or a forever home.

Speaking of which, the second concern is falling in love with your foster dog. I'm not going to lie and say that definitely won't happen! There are oodles of "failed fosters" out there who became permanent family dogs, but many more go on to another family and remembering what you have achieved through fostering in the first place helps with sending your foster pup off to a good home.

Billy & his foster sister Pickle

One of the reasons that I became a volunteer with One Tail is because of the great experience that I had adopting from them and the more I get involved, the more I love them! So, to all the bloggers out there, please cross-post some of these dogs that they're currently trying to find fosters for (warning - graphic image below):

You may have read about this spunky little chap already and I'll probably write more at a later date. Suffice to say this is the "chemical burns pit puppy" that Trio Animal Foundation and One Tail rescued. He's doing great at the vets and will be ready very soon to go to a caring home to continue his recovery. He'll need a home without stairs as it hurts him to walk up too many. He's a very friendly, loving guy but will have to be carefully monitored if he's with other dogs to make sure he doesn't play too rough while recovering. That will take around 6-8 weeks so he won't be able to be neutered or put up for adoption for at least that long.

Sorry for the graphic image but unfortunately sometimes that's the reality of the situation. He's come such a long way since then but still needs a lot of help. If you can't assist with finding a foster home, Trio are sponsoring his steadily mounting vet bills and donations of any amount would be an enormous help.

*UPDATE*: Gordon has a temporary foster home with one of One Tail's wonderful volunteers but is still looking for a place with fewer stairs and less time home alone.

This friendly German Shepherd girl will be put down this week if foster can't be found. She'll need a home without young children as she's a bit protective about her rawhides but is otherwise a highly adoptable, sweet one-year old.

*UPDATE*: German Shepherd Rescue pulled this girl today (3/25) so she's in the clear!

Another young, friendly girl, Anya has plenty of energy and is a smart collie-shepherd mix. She's in an open-admission shelter at the moment but if a rescue will commit to saving her they will hold her for another two weeks. So, even if someone can't take her for another week or two, a promise now to do so will save her life.

If my landlord wasn't currently out of the country (not great timing since my kitchen ceiling is LEAKING!) I'd have already called to beg him to let me foster this girl in exchange for some extra rent. This is what the shelter has to say:
I know it's a tough sell, but we have the most wonderful eleven-year-old Pittie here that is just too sweet to euthanize! She came from a home where she lived with a three-year-old child who she was wonderful with. She's been great with every dog she's met here and had didn't even mind the office cat. She's so sad here at the shelter and we don't want to see her live her last days being frightened and confused. She lived in the same home for her entire life and every time a car drives up or the door opens she gets so hopeful and obviously excited, but then is let down every time. Please don't let Angel die here! She's an easy dog and would fit perfectly into any home situation. We will get all her vaccinations up to date and I will personally drive her just about anywhere is she has a rescue to go to!
*UPDATE*: Another rescue is working to pull this lady and if it falls through, One Tail has a back-up foster. Hooray!

We can't save them all, and I promise not to turn this blog into a running tally of rescue sob-stories, but please help me to spread the word this time around!

If you would like to foster please visit One Tail to fill out an application or email with any questions.


  1. you were out Fabulous Follow Friday today! we love your blog! :)

  2. Thank you for being such a great advocate :)

    I think the female GSD might have foster. We're really rootin for Gordon though, he needs a foster where he can snuggle under the blankets!

  3. Came by on the recommendation from 2 Grad Students & A Pittie, and was not disappointed! Fantastic post, although I'll admit - I was eating pizza and had to really quickly scroll as fast as I could to get past the "graphic photo". I saw it anyway. Apparently my speed-scrolling skills are lacking. ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by AJ and sorry for the graphic pic. I promise that I usually stick with photos of my big slobberchops!

  5. you did such a nice job of expressing why fostering is important and rewarding. we have been fostering since last year (and blogging about it!), and really love it.
    thanks for doing this noble work!

    follow our foster:


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