Monday, August 15, 2011

Just three

When I walk along the rows of unwanted pets at Animal Care and Control or Animal Welfare League Intake it can all seem a bit hopeless. There isn't a single reason why any of them are less deserving of a home than my own dog. What I'm able to do to change their lot is so small. What chance do I truly have to make the slightest difference?

Today I learned that if we increase the amount of adoptions by only three per cent we can reduce the number of pets euthanized to zero. THREE PER CENT.

Three per cent, we can do.


  1. so what do we need to do to get there? i have been thinking maybe more reality shows. one about shelter dogs finding love, and one about dog fostering? could be pretty popular . . .

  2. what makes the three percent work - im in?!

    aleksandra - love the reality show idea!

  3. I hadn't heard the 3% number before! I also love the reality show idea!


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