Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good things come in threes - Part 1

1. The Three-Pooch Household

As I am now officially 'funemployed' I've been spending a lot of time with the pooches and Buster has been hanging out at my place full time. I've often dealt with multiple dogs but this is the first time that I've dealt with all the chores for three for more than a day or two. Dogdad has been crazy busy at work so I volunteered to cover most of the walking.

Hm, looks like those three find it as exhausting as I do. Sometimes it's fun trotting along with my little pack, but there are times when it's the most frustrating exercise imaginable. On a short trip out yesterday we managed to come across no fewer than FIVE territorially-aggressive fence-chargers (bad choice of route) and THREE cats ran across our path. For the most part, all three dogs are good at ignoring the charging beasties. Cats are another matter however and its the one time that I'm truly conscious of how strong Billy is. It's a two-hand job to just grab hold of him and keep him calm until we can get turned around in the other direction. Not so easy when there's two other dogs tying up your feet.

Three times the dog means three times the cuddles, so my lap is rarely empty and the bed is a big pile-up of furry bodies. All three are on different diets however so feeding time is a bit of a juggling session.

Billy of course gets his raw food, Buster is on Origens kibble and Flower gets the grain-free kibble she came with but with some wet food mixed in or she gets bored and won't eat it - at which point it's scarfed up by Billy and Buster.

The little miss is learning to sit and wait for her dinner with the other two until the word is given and the chompfest begins.

Speaking of which - Chicagoans keep a watch on the Redeye this week as a certain slobbery pooch may be appearing in an article about dog food...


  1. My least favorite part of juggling 3 dogs is having to feed 3 diets. My three all want what they can't have, so I play goalie until they all give up and eat their own. How's the shedding for your three?

  2. Bilbo is a shedding nightmare - I can sweep the whole apartment and within 24 hours there's a furry covering across the floor again - I'm so glad I don't have carpet. Adding extra dogs is just another drop in the ocean..

  3. I'm glad to see another person who is successful at having all dogs eating in one area with no problems! Good job! The food looks nasty by the way! But I understand what nasty food looks like because I also feed raw! :)

  4. I am soon to be"funemployed" as well, perhaps I can start volunteering or something at that point. though looking for a job seems to be a full-time job in and of itself!


  5. I was kind of amazed at how much more work three dogs seems to be versus going from one dog to two. Three bellies to fill and keep settled, three different personalities to walk, three different sets of stressors and favorite things, etc., etc. But of course, I love it!

  6. Three pups IS a full time job!



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