Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flower's Big Adventure

Once upon a time Flower the Chihuahua, a small-town pooch, moved to the big city in search of a forever family. She went for walks in the park with her big foster-brother, snuggled on the couch with her human friends and met lots of lovely new people who gave her yummy treats and ear scratches. One day foster-momma took out the big black bag with the furry lining and threw some tasty chicken inside. Flower hopped in and they set off on an adventure. First, they took a trip on a noisy train.

Then they rode up an escalator.

They came out of the station and Flower looked around at streets of giant buildings. She hopped out of the black bag and walked to a busy park by the lake where hundreds and hundreds of people were dancing outside. Flower got really excited to see Fosterdad and did a happy dance before posing for a photo "backstage."

Then she went off to check out the party. Fostermom had spent a lot of time explaining that despite what people had showed her in her before-life most people that she would meet now would think she was a cutie-pie. Tonight Flower thought she would test it out and say hi to everyone! Fostermom was hungry so they bought some food and sat by the picnic tables.

Fostermom even shared some grilled chicken with Flower which meant another happy dance. Then they went for a walk to meet more people and see all the dancers.

Flower made sure to show off some of her own best moves before the night was out.

But by the time the last song started playing Flower needed to take a breather and have a lie-down to recuperate.

After another ride on the noisy train to get home it was time to snooze in earnest.


  1. big big day!! I love the sleeping pictures!

  2. We love that you've set your foster peeps to rights and have your fan close by should you get warm whilst napping.

    Bobo and Meja


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