Saturday, October 8, 2011

To the batcave!

Shout that out in the vicinity of my apartment and this dynamic duo will come running:

Bruce Wayne and Alfred's mom and dad are getting married tomorrow so they've come to stay while the newly wedded parents jet off on honeymoon. And yes, "to the batcave" is their recall command! Here's their story.

Once upon a time there was Bruce Wayne, a teensy bundle of puppy from PAWS Chicago.

Well, with ears like that, how could he be anyone other than Batman? Sure enough as he grew up, passing his obedience class with flying colors, it became clear that he could give even foster Superdog Levi a run for his money.

Mom and Dad thought they would have just one furkid but superhero Bruce had other ideas and when he heard the mean men driving by in a storm early one morning with his super hearing, he used his special mind powers to make sure they stopped on his block. Sure enough, when mom dashed out to an appointment after breakfast, she spotted an unknown pooch tied to the neighbor's fence. When she came back soon afterwards, he was still there! Mom started knocking on doors and it turned out that nobody knew where the bedraggled guy had come from. In no time at all, he was drying off with some tasty breakfast on the back porch.

Bruce's mom called everyone she could think of to try and find somewhere safe for the skinny boy to go, but there was no room for another big-headed lug in the overloaded system. So she agreed that he could be Bruce's temporary sidekick while he looked for a forever home and called him Alfred. Clever Bruce Wayne started teaching Alfred ways to be adorable to try and win over mom and dad.

For good measure, as Alfred fattened up on his yummy new diet, they concocted a plan for him to be just naughty enough for no one else to want him. Eventually Alfred and Bruce's plan succeeded and mom and dad agreed that he could stay!

Time to get comfy

Unfortunately Alfred and Billy aren't really the best of buddies which means its going to be an interesting week. Bilbo, Buster and Clover (and for some of the time, Flower) are going to be sleeping at Dogdad's house, while Alfred and Bruce stay at my place. We'll switch apartments for a night or two so I can get some snuggles from my own guys and there will be lots of moving around during the daytime. I have a feeling I'm going to get a LOT of exercise over the next week and a half. Luckily, Dogdad lives just 12 minutes walk away so that's an easy trip when I need to take the pooches out during the day. I'll sometimes drop Alfred and Bruce off at their house if I need some space at home to do chores or catch up on work - that's a bit more of a leg-stretch, at 35 minutes walk away. I'll also be walking the two of them separately to begin with as Alfred is a very, very strong boy! He and Bruce play together very well, but they can be a bit rough so they are usually separated in the house, even if someone's around. Its a bit trickier with my apartment layout but I think I've got a good plan of action set up - I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. HAHAHAH What a GREAT recall cue!! So creative. I loveeee it!

    Good luck managing so many pooches, oh my!

  2. Wow, my guess was way off! Those two look like a dynamic duo if I ever say one. I love the idea of yelling "to the bat cave" at a busy park or something. At least you know you won't be getting 10 different dogs running over to you!

  3. We met Alfred and Bruce the other weekend, and it's so great to see them here (and congrats to their parents!). I didn't know about their superhero background, though SuperLevi is now wanting to be part of their clan. And that sounds like a lot of dogs you will be working with!

  4. What a great story! Sounds like loads of fun in your world these days--hope you have an enjoyable week with that wacky crew!

  5. Mom, as a total uber geek, loves their names!!! And what a great story!! Have fun playing musical dogs but thanks for keeping them for the new married parents!


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