Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flower's Halloween Fashion Show

It turns out that not only is Flower a champion snuggler and a circus-dog in the making she's a kind-hearted little lady with a taste for flamboyant couture. When she heard that Tucker Tells All had donated $55 in our name to her most favorite rescue in the world she decided it was time for foster momma to send a little goodwill out into the blogosphere too and came up with a plan to sneak in a little fashion show while we're at it.

I finished off Flower's Halloween costume this morning and she thinks she's the bees knees! While she'd be very happy to go trick and treating with me and Bilbo (hey, if a girl's gonna do a trick then there'd better be a treat too, right? None of this trick or a treat malarkey), secretly Flower is hoping that her ready-to-go costume will catch someone's eye so that she can spend the holiday with her new family. And lets face it, Billy's costume is currently just a pile of craft supplies and a sketchy drawing so he'll probably embarrass her anyway.

In the meantime, she's building up the good karma with a little competition! We're wondering how many of our blog friends are working on a costume for halloween - maybe you reckon you look almost as cute as Flower-Chihuahua? How would you like the chance to put it to the test? Here are three easy steps to win a yummy treat for your pup and some tasty $$$ for your favorite rescue:

1. Email your favorite Halloween pup photo to - don't forget to tell us a bit about the pooch and the rescue you're competing for (deadline for submissions, October 31).
2. Like our facebook page where we'll be posting all the competition entries as they come in.
3. Share your pup's photo with your friends and get them to like it - the photo with the most "likes" at midnight on November 2 is the winner!

What's the prize?

If there are up to five entries, the winning pooch gets $25 to donate to their chosen rescue. If there are more than five that goes up to $50. Now, the first photo in the album will be Mademoiselle Flower, but the only thing she's competing for is a forever home. So for every time someone shares her photo on their wall we'll add 50 cents to the prize AND donate 50 cents to One Tail at a Time, up to $25 each.

That's a total of $75 to the winner's choice and $25 to Flower's rescuers.

The winning dog will also receive one of Flower's favorite treats, an antler chew. She likes to steal the giant size from Billy but there smaller versions for the less confused little pups out there too!

Giving away all $100 is a bit of a tall order for our little blog and very new facebook page so we're going to need your help to spread the word and get lots of your handsome pups up there. Billy's secretly hoping that no one enters cos then he gets to eat all the treats himself and I get a new pair of wellie boots so he can tramp around in the mud more often. But I think Flower would be a bit sad if no one joined her fashion show!


  1. Oh, not to worry. There will be at least one entry! Does the picture have to be from this Halloween or can we use last years?

  2. Wow, what a great idea! We sure hope Flower wins her forever home ... certainly whoever adopts her will be the real winner!

  3. No, the photo can be as old as you like! I realize that if other people are anything like me then costumes might not be sorted until the very last minute on Halloween. And the sooner you send one in, the more time you have to get the most "likes" and win!

  4. That is so amazing you made that! I'm sewing up some costume stuff now, partly thanks to your inspiration. We'll see if what comes out is worth photographing!


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